Tuesday, May 22, 2012

The highs and lows of creating a new series of work

The last month I have been working on a new series of forms that have a ribbon effect. I create each form and carve the bends one at a time so that the highs and lows vary in the right location on each. I am particularly interested in the profile of these forms where the high and low curves create this motion of riding a wave. Speaking of riding a wave, this is how I feel when creating most works. There are these moments of inspiration and ah ha's that create an emotional high. Then there are the low moments when you can't seem to make a decision or you question the entire piece. I can't speak for other artist, but I willing to quess that this emotional roller coaster is common to most creative processes. Sometimes pieces just flow together nicely and other times you just want to chuck them out the studio window. So far on this new series, I have decided that they are keepers. Often I have to remind myself, the struggle is all part of the journey.